Abject Apologies. once again!
6 December 2013 - 16:11:14

This latest reinvention of the site was due to being moved to a new and more up to date server. Unfortunately few of the scripts I have been using will work with the new regime. As PGV has nothing more up to date than the version I was using, I have been forced to install Webtrees (which isn't a lot different, to be it works.)

However, while Webtrees is meant to be able to transfer PGV data, including members, into its database.I have been unable to get it to work and have had to manually upload the PGV I am afraid that it is going to mean rejoining to add/change or download information. 

I'm really sorry about this happening for a second time...I'll try and do better. 

This family tree was last updated on 3 June 2014.
Total surnames34
Media objects2
Total events144
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Earliest birth year1749Alexander WHITE
Birth 17 December 1749 - Alves, Morayshire
Death March 1834 (Age 84) -
Latest birth year1947This information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death year1834Alexander WHITE
Birth 17 December 1749 - Alves, Morayshire
Death March 1834 (Age 84) -
Latest death year2005 Alexander WHYTE
Death 9 March 2005 - Leanchoil Hospital, Forres, Moray
Individual who lived the longest91Mary WHYTE
Birth 1898 44 37 - Lossiemouth, Moray
Death 23 July 1989 (Age 91) - 14 Fleurs Place, Forres
Average age at death70Males: 70   Females: 71
Family with the most children10William WHITE + Clementina MILNE
Marriage 28 April 1848 -
Average number of children per family1.90 
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